Diving into My Account

Last month’s blog post was the first in a series talking about the future of Design and Printing Services (DPS). This month, we’re going to show you a deeper look at the customer space you will have access to once the new online storefront is live.

When you enter your space, you will be able to see a variety of information important to you and your team.

A screen capture of the Quick Links page for your customer account.

View orders

When you view your orders, you will be taken to a page where you can see your past* and current orders. The initial page shows higher level information like the order number, the date the order was received, a summary of what is in the order itself, the Workday budget code that would have been or will be charged, the order status, the ship date, the ship method, and the total due.

A screen capture of the recent orders page under your account.

At any time, you can view the details of any of your orders by clicking the order number:

  1. Order status (this list describes the most common ones)
    1. Prepress: design, copyediting, or HTML email testing
    2. Production: the item is being created or the email is ready to send out
    3. Shipped: shipping labels have been printed and orders with physical are ready to ship out. The HTML email(s) has been distributed, although if there is an email with multiple sends, the order will not be changed to shipped until the final email is sent out.
    4. Closed: order has gone through billing and is considered finished
    5. There are other statuses like “files needed,” “on hold,” and “waiting for approval” that you will see if DPS is waiting on files to begin the project, you have paused a project, or it is waiting for you to approve the proof.
  2. Order invoice. You can download a PDF invoice if you or someone in your office needs to review or keep copies of invoices. The invoice shows the order number along with the same information found when you drill down into an order on the View Orders page.
  3. You can also find other order information like the ship date, the Workday budget account charged, project name, shipping information, billing information, and all items in the order.
  4. If the item is not closed, you can add notes about the order or upload files needed for the order, whether it is a content document or images for a given project, or a distribution list.
  5. This is also the page you would navigate to if you wanted to reorder something. By clicking on the green, circular arrow in the line item, you will be prompted to start a new order. You can adjust the quantity before adding it into your cart and completing the order.
A screen capture of  your order status under your account.


You can also navigate to the catalog from the My Account page. This isn’t the only way to access it, but it does offer a second way to see that content. The catalog combines 2 of our existing online ordering websites: the stationery/business card website and the promotional items store. It will also allow for us to expand the kinds of items we can offer you for easier ordering and customization. There will be more information regarding the catalog in a future blog post, so stay tuned!

A screen capture of the steps for a stationary order.

Upload files

If you’re needing to upload files specific to an order you’ve placed, you’ll want to do that in the order itself, but if you’d like to share more generic or broader applying files like photos or graphics, uploading the files here will drop them into your customer space for you project coordinator to access if you want to use them across multiple projects.

Change login password

Changing your password is another ability you will have in the My Account area. DPS has been setting up accounts for people as we work with them. These accounts are currently set using a generic password, so you’ll want to change your password the first time you log into your space. We recommend using your WSU Network password.

My profile

The My Account space also contains your profile information. This is information DPS will be gathering with your help. You may have received an email with a link to a form asking for information like your name, your WSU email address, and title, among other things, so we can start filling out your profile for you. If you haven’t filled out the form yet, please do so we can set up your account! Not only will this information help us set you up in the correct storefront space, but this information is also able to prefill into the business card template, so ordering your business cards can be even easier and faster.

A screen capture of your user profile page.

My lists

The My Lists section functions similarly to the Upload Files section. If you have a distribution list that will get used across more than one project, you could upload it in this secure space so you are only having to provide a new list if there are changes to the information within them. You can either upload the lists from this page or see all lists that are tied to your group.

When you’d like to add a new one, you will upload the file, designate “mailing” as the list type, give it a name, and mark whether or not the first row is a header row. It will fill in a row count for you, and then you can click save to upload it.

A gif of adding a mailing list to your order.

For existing lists, you will be able to see the information you provided when it was uploaded, list count, and when it was uploaded. In these rows, you also have the option to view the list and replace it with a more updated version if the information changes (new additions to the list, changes in addresses, and things like that). Please note that if your list has more than one tab, you will not be able to view it in this space.

Contact information

Finally, if you need to quickly access the contact information for your project coordinator, you can also find it at the bottom of the My Account page. It will tell you who your coordinator is and provide their email address and phone number so you can get in touch with them.

A screen capture of your contact information.

There is plenty left to share about the DPS storefront. Next month, we’re going to take a look at the new process for ordering business cards. The DPS team is very excited to be rolling out this system and sharing it with you.

*Past orders in the storefront will only show back to November 2020 when we first implemented this new software. If you are looking for an older order, please contact your project coordinator.

Simplifying your printing experience

Not only does this new software DPS is implementing allow for a much sleeker online shopping experience, it also consolidates a couple of our existing websites into one.

The online stationery items, like letterhead and business cards, and the promotional shop that houses the branded items, like the glitter poms and felt pennants, will all have the same interface and can be ordered together from a cohesive storefront. The posters website that primarily exists for student poster printing will also be moving into this new storefront. You’ll no longer have to remember which website to use when!

The software also allows us to expand the kinds of items we’re able to offer and the way we offer them. One of the new features is the ability to use templates that can be filled in with information and edited in real time. At first, you’ll most likely only see this with the stationery items, but we plan to expand this feature over time.

If you have ideas for templated items that your department or unit would benefit from, email Jessica at jessica.schloss@wsu.edu.