​What benefits can I get from printing?

In a technological world, it’s easy to assume print is dead. There are so many ways to communicate digitally—at often a faster rate and sometimes for less money, but we usually see our customers using a combination of both to maximize their message and potential reach.

While we’ll touch on the digital side of things later, today we’re talking about printing and the benefits you can get from it.

Stand out from the crowd

How many of you receive an email and almost immediately delete it? I know I have. My personal inbox is a disorganized mess. I will set aside time to mass delete emails I thought I would go back to and never did. There are so many emails.

When you print something that’s unique and eye-catching, you have the ability to set yourself apart from the crowd. You are directly reaching your intended person; your piece will make it directly into their hands. Even junk mail has to get acknowledged to be thrown away. If an email is drowned out in someone’s inbox, they may never see your messaging, even when it’s being “thrown out.”

Evoke emotion through sense of touch

Engaging in other senses can be an extremely powerful way to connect with your audience. While there is no doubt there are some impactful ways to appeal to sight and sound with digital communication, print can appeal to a different sense: touch.

It may be the paper you choose. The finish. The physical construction of your piece and how it entices your reader to interact with it. It will have an impact, whether your reader is aware of it or not. You can also communicate your values through the materials you use. Are you promoting something related to the environment? Maybe you should consider uncoated stock. Are you wanting to add some extra glamour to your invitation? Try using our snow willow stock! Your coordinator can help you with paper and treatment options if you want to convey something specific.

Control the look of your message

Print projects will look the same to a higher population of your audience. While it’s wonderful there’s a system in place to swap in fonts on various email clients, devices, and browsers so the content renders, your message could look different depending on what software and programs are used to access it. Screen calibrations affect the colors reflecting in your message as well. You help control these variables when you print.

Press proofs are an important part of that, and that’s something we do for almost any project that comes through Design and Printing Services. By seeing your project on the stock it will print on, you’ll have full control of the way it prints before the whole print process is complete. We color calibrate our presses as often as needed to make sure they stay on track.

The press proof of a project designed by our staff of professional designers is inspected before you see it as well. They make sure that what is printing matches the color and look they intended the piece to have so you don’t have to worry about your screen calibrations being perfect.

How Design and Printing Services can help

When you work with Design and Printing Services, we have the capacity and the expertise to take your content and create a powerful communication piece. If you need some extra consultation, a project coordinator will be able to help you get started! From the design, the specifications, and the production, you are guaranteed to be in good hands.


Did you know we have the ability to print variable data images and text? You can make your reader feel extra special by including unique information for each individual on your recipient list.

Save yourself from embarrassing errors with our copyediting services. We can review your text for common errors, resulting in improved accuracy and clarity. This includes:

  • WSU style
  • spelling
  • punctuation
  • word choice

Want to add extra polish to your piece? Ask a project coordinator about specialty colored and metallic paper to punch up the wow factor of your piece.