WSU’s new brand

Washington State University began rolling out its new brand this month, a process that has taken nearly two years. While there are some things that are familiar about the new brand, the overall look and feel has received an update to reflect what the university wants to represent across the system, the state, and the world. You can read more about the brand narrative on the new WSU brand website.

What it means

The university community is encouraged to use up printed items they have with the previous branding on them but should update to the new look and feel as they run out of these items. With digital communications, the new brand should be applied at a faster pace.

How it applies

DPS has updated our storefront so you can order items with the new branding right away. You’ll notice that items like the business card have a different look with two layouts to choose from and both options are now 2 sided.

Other stationery items like the envelopes, letterhead, and notecards have also been updated to reflect the new brand. These items haven’t changed as much as some of the others, but the biggest difference to note is that eletterhead is now available as a downloadable item on the brand website.

#10 business envelope
Business card (front side)

We will be transitioning the branded WSU items like our totes and pens to the new branding as those sell out. Many of the items we carry have been previously updated to transition from one brand to another.

How you can use it

The brand website provides a guide for everything you’ll need to know about the new brand, including the tone this new brand should convey and the look. There are also many different files that can be downloaded for immediate use—update your email signature and access social media headers and badges, presentation templates, and more.

Washington State University logo

The system, campus, and college logos are already available to download, but if you are looking for a unit-specific logo, DPS will be able to get one created for you.

Be sure to visit the brand website for any and all specifics regarding the new brand!

How do I get my new unit logo?

Are you in need of a new unit logo now? Those looking for a more specific unit logo will be able to purchase a package from Design and Printing Services.

You can find the logo package available on our storefront for $55. Details and the complete list of what is included in the package (color options, file types, etc.) is on our website.

Simply log into your storefront, click the logo package link in the left navigation, select the system or campus-specific variation, and fill out the text box with the name of the department or unit you’re needing the logo for.

As with our other templated items, you’ll be able to preview it on the right side of the page before moving forward with the purchase. Once you’ve completed the purchase, this will go into the queue for our designers to create. Please note that in this case, the proof is an approximation of the final logo and the way the unit words lay out may differ with the final file.

We appreciate your patience during this time. Our plan is to turn these logos as quickly as possible, but that is dependent upon how many requests are received. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to your project coordinator.