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A look at the WSU photo calendar

A look at the WSU photo calendar

The photo calendar is an annual tradition across the WSU system. Started by Design and Printing Services in 1996, these calendars feature brightly colored images and have even become a collectible item to some.

While the imagery over the years varies, there is one clear star of the show: the cougar.

“We haven’t always had a cougar,” Jeffry Hipp, assistant director of design and graphic designer senior, said. “There have been illustrations, there have been campus photos, there have been this and that. From what I understand, the overall history is that people respond more if there is a cougar. That’s become the main thing. That’s what people like to hang in their office.”

People have been known to save the cougar image once the year is over too.

The whole process starts in the fall when Hipp begins collecting potential images to use on the next year’s calendar.

“The image has to be large and clear so that it prints well,” Hipp said. “And then we also look for how it fits on the page…Is the image too busy so that the cougar gets lost, or is the cougar the main focus and it works well with what we get to do.”

There is a standard layout that is followed, but the photo is what drives the specifics like how the months are placed, Hipp said.

“We try to mix it up so each year is a little bit different,” Hipp said. “We try not to have all winter shots, although those are great because the cougar really pops out of them…These are up all year. We’ve been trying to make them different.”

Hipp also mentioned he enjoyed seeing what new photos are available to choose from by the time he starts the next calendar.

“What’s out there? How can we do it different than the year before or the past five years? That’s probably the main highlight of it.”

When asked which calendar ended up being his favorite, Hipp said it was the 2020 calendar. It was the profile of the cougar, the depth of field, and the colors, among other things, that put this calendar toward the top of his list.

People respond more if there is a cougar. That’s become the main thing. That’s what people like to hang in their office.

—Jeffry Hipp


Once the design of the calendar has been finalized, it’s time to print! These calendars come off of the HP 10,000 state-of-the-art digital press that is in the Cooper Publications Building at WSU Pullman. Each calendar order is then fulfilled and sent out to their recipients.

Here’s a look back at some of the different calendars. Click on an image below to open up a gallery view.

2021 photo calendar

This year’s calendar features a striking image of a cougar peering through a lush forest. Printed on a glossy paper to enhance this high quality print, the calendar measures 24” wide by 14” tall.

Did you know?

One of the factors contributing to the size of the calendars has to do with where people were hanging them. This elongated size fits better on the steel case cabinets in people’s offices.

It’s not too late to purchase the 2021 photo calendar! Find it on our website.

Purchase a Calendar

Utilizing branded items to enhance custom mailers

Utilizing branded items to enhance custom mailers

With the continuation of physical distancing and event limitations into the fall, the Office of the President had to reconsider how they welcome and connect with new faculty. Instead of being able to meet at the usual in-person event, the office needed to find a way to still make the connection between the president and first lady and these new faculty members as meaningful as possible.

Mary Jenkins, executive assistant in the Office of the President, said there’s typically an orientation held in August in order to start developing a working relationship between the leadership and new faculty.

“The primary goal is to get the new faculty in front of the president and the first lady so they can all meet,” Jenkins said. “There’s the opportunity for them to get to know each other individually and not just have this illusive presidential figure out there…and the goal is to make them feel that much more welcome at WSU and that much more connected to their administration.”

With the current health and safety precautions, this orientation was moved to an online format, and the president and first lady wanted to make sure the new faculty members still felt welcome at WSU.

You make it easy for me to be successful.

—Mary Jenkins

That’s when the president’s office decided to put together a special package full of Coug swag for the people attending the online orientation. Jenkins said she tried to pick items that new faculty members may not have, like a branded pen, lip balm, and felt pennant.

“Because of the times we’re in, I’ve expanded even the scope of what I do,” Jenkins said. “It’s new ground to break. It’s fun to imagine our new faculty receiving these boxes in the mail and opening them…The invitations have been really well received.”

When the time came to get this mailing put together, they chose to work with Design and Printing Services. Jenkins said it was awesome to have someone take care of the mailing and branding, as well as work with one point of contact throughout the process.

“It’s just a one stop shop where I can get everything I need accomplished,” Jenkins said. “It looks amazing, it’s professional, it’s WSU branded. The convenience and ease that you made possible for me, I just cannot tell you how much I appreciate that.”

 Assembling the president’s office new faculty mailer, sped up 4x. While the 2 people in this video were working within 6 feet of each other for parts of the video, both parties were wearing facial masks and observing social distancing practices whenever possible.

Jenkins said she also enjoys the sense of camaraderie, collaboration, and teamwork, and that partnering with Design and Printing Services has made for a successful relationship.

“You make it easy for me to be successful,” Jenkins said. “As we move forward into these virtual events happening, hopefully it’s a short-lived process, but I would encourage anybody who wants to continue to engage and make those contacts meaningful to use the resources available to them through [Design and Printing Services] because it’s extraordinary and beautifully done.”

This mailing was a combination of items from the Office of the President and the Design and Printing Services promo store.

After looking at what the promo store offers, the president’s office selected which items they wanted to include for the new faculty to receive. In tandem with some special items provided by the president’s office, Design and Printing Services was able to put together a fun Coug package!

Complete with some crimson tissue paper, this package is a great example of how different promo items from the shop can be combined to make a unique and special mailer for your audience.

What you need to know about Pullman campus mail for fall 2020

What you need to know about Pullman campus mail for fall 2020

Last month, Washington State University announced that its Pullman campus was going to shift as many of its courses to a distance delivery format as possible, with the other campuses making similar decisions.

Mailing Services, who works out of the Cooper Publications Building, had to make some adjustments in order to keep providing their services when the work from home order began in March. With faculty and staff still being encouraged to work from home when possible, here’s what you need to know about keeping your mail flowing into and out of the Pullman campus for the fall semester.

What will be different for students?

For the students who are coming back to campus, they should not see an interruption in service. Joy Rich, Mailing Services supervisor, said her staff still has card access to the main door and front desk areas of the residence halls that are open, so her team will be able to deliver mail to those students.

Rich said that about half to two-thirds of the residence halls will be open for the fall semester, and at the WSU system-wide town hall on August 19, Mary Jo Gonzales, vice president of student affairs, said residence hall housing has been filled at about 15 percent occupancy.

“We are still researching on how to manage Saturday deliveries to the residence halls,” Rich said. “We think that’s a service that needs to be continued for the students’ sake…We’re trying to come up with flexible schedules for our full-time employees to fill that bracket.”

How can I get my mail?

Rich says they are only able to deliver to 10 of the 80 buildings on the Pullman campus at this time. With so many buildings locked, Mailing Services has come up with a couple of different options for people to still receive their mail.

Most units are sending someone to pick up mail at the Cooper Publications Buildings. Rich says the frequency in which people pick up mail depends on what kind of mail they’re routing, but that the average has been about once per week.

“I have not heard any complaints about pick up, drop off, the way things are set up, which is nice because it’s out of our control,” Rich said. “Lots of people don’t like change. Other people just seem happy to have the chance to get out of the house and do something.”

Rich said they’ve also set up some delivery points in empty offices in 2 buildings on campus. This is a room that Mailing Services and multiple units both have CougarCard access to that acts as a central parcel locker.

“More buildings are researching and seriously considering CougarCard access and central delivery points in their buildings for combined units so nobody has to come out here,” Rich said. “They can just get their mail whenever they come into their work unit.”

For the foreseeable future, Mailing Services expects for mail on the Pullman campus to operate this way, with a combination of pick up or card access delivery. If you need to pick up mail, they are open from 8:00 a.m. to noon and 1:00 to 4:00 p.m. Monday through Friday.

top view of cooper publications building.

mailing services loading dock. mailing services doorbell.

Once you’re in the parking lot at the Cooper Publications Building, you just need to go around to the back of the building. There is a small staircase at the left side of the loading dock that will take you straight to the doors of Mailing Services. From there, you just need to ring the marked doorbell, and someone will help you with your mail!

How can I send my mail?

If you need to get mail out, business is as usual. When you pick up your mail at Cooper, you can also drop off your outgoing mail.

If you are working on a mailing with Design and Printing Services, we will take care of getting your project to Mailing Services for distribution.

We think that’s a service that needs to be continued for the students’ sake.

—Joy Rich

While outgoing letter mail is down, Rich said they’ve been sending out twice as many parcels than they typically process. Departments and units like the libraries, different colleges, and recruitment are trying to find work arounds for changes in services or supplementing for canceled events.

Do you have other questions about mailing? You can contact someone in Mailing Services via email at or phone at 509-335-2104.

Mail pick up:

8:00 a.m. to noon, 1:00 to 4:00 p.m.

Monday through Friday

Cooper Publications Building loading dock in the back

How can I qualify for nonprofit postage?

When you print your mailing campaign through Design and Printing Services, we help you get set up for USPS nonprofit postage if your mailing can qualify. What is nonprofit postage? It is a special domestic (within the United States) postage rate that certain organizations can qualify for.

Washington State University is approved to use nonprofit postage, but there are still some restrictions we must adhere to in order to keep this service. Nonprofit depends largely on 2 factors, content and quantity.


This primarily has to do with advertising—it is allowed in these pieces, but there are rules regarding what kind and how much. Every piece in the mailing also has to be identical, varying only by the person’s mailing address or other variable data. This means that a postcard with a handwritten message will not be able to go out as a nonprofit piece because the messaging will be different for each piece. Your project coordinator will be able to help you determine if the project we’re working on will qualify.


The second biggest factor for qualifying for nonprofit postage is quantity. There has to be a minimum of 200 pieces in any given mailing. There is a weight component (50 pounds minimum) as well, so if your piece is a heavier one, like a booklet, you may be able to mail less than 200. Your project coordinator will look at the mail list first to determine if a given mailing qualifies, and the weight comes into play once we’re far enough in the process to generate a physical proof.

There are other components that go into preparing a mailing for nonprofit postage, but those elements are taken care of by Design and Printing Services and Mailing Services when you work with us!

One thing to note with nonprofit postage is that it can take longer to be processed through the postal system, as First Class postage is prioritized, so if time is of the essence for your mailing, we do not recommend using this postage route.

Design and Printing Services during COVID

Design and Printing Services during COVID

Design and Printing Services has been fortunate enough to stay operational during this time of COVID. Many of our staff have been working from home since mid-March, and while they are still working remotely, our production personnel are continuing to report to the Cooper Publications Building to keep the equipment running.

Since our building is spacious enough to accommodate the press and bindery equipment, the staff who do report to work on campus are able to keep their distance while working through the queue of incoming projects. When they are working in close proximity to each other, they are wearing masks.

Ken Sundvik, printing stockroom supervisor, said they’re taking a few extra measures to help keep everyone safe and healthy.

“We’re able to work most of the time socially distanced,” Sundvik said. “We’re cleaning more, we’re wearing masks. [Environmental Health and Safety has] been mixing up hand sanitizer and cleaning solutions…it’s good stuff and seems to work really well. Nobody’s gotten sick yet.”

While we’ve been able to keep our operations up and running during this time, it doesn’t come without its own set of challenges.

“It seems like to do the normal little things that we’re used to, it requires a lot more interaction,” Sundvik said. “There’s tons of emails and back and forth. You can’t just walk up the hallway and get an answer. After it’s done, it’s the same situation…the campus is also empty and locked and not working the way it normally does. It’s been challenging.”

Nick Borsella, printing stockroom worker, echoed Sundvik’s experiences. He said that even though we don’t know what the immediate future will hold, he is trying to be optimistic. In the meantime, he said he is doing his part by wearing a mask and being more aware of his surroundings.

In order to help minimize the number of people who are reporting into the Cooper Publications Building on a given day, Sundvik said they have taken an “on call” approach, particularly for the people who live nearby. Those who have further commutes have set up an alternating schedule to cover the basic operations unless the entire production team is needed.

COVID signage

Outside of what we’re doing internally to keep our staff safe and healthy, we are also playing a part in the system-wide campaign for preparing WSU campuses and locations statewide for people to return to physical locations.

We have created an array of approved COVID signage available for order. These vary from repositionable wall signage, to door signage, to floor decals. Messages range from alerting people to an elevator capacity limit, the requirements of face coverings, to staying 6 feet apart from one another.

Your building coordinator will be involved with placing the order for this signage, so be sure to check with them regarding need!

Face coverings

Washington State University, as well as the state of Washington, made the decision to require face coverings for people who are indoors or are outdoors and cannot maintain a physical distance of 6 feet. If you or your staff are in need of face coverings, we have 2 Coug-themed options in our promo store!

The first option is a mask with elastic ear loops. The mask itself is black, and there’s a white Coug head in the left corner. The material is antibacterial and features a filter pocket. They are individually packaged.

The second style is a neck gaiter. This version is crimson with a white Coug head toward the top of the covering. It has multiple uses outside of a face covering and features 4-way stretch and recovery. These are also individually packaged.

They are currently available for preorder in our promo store, and we will be fulfilling those orders as soon as the masks arrive, although we are currently anticipating early to mid August.

Checking in with UMC

University Marketing and Communications has been involved with many different aspects of campus operations during the COVID-19 pandemic. Our colleagues involved with strategic communications have been a part of the COVID response team since day 1, fielding inquiries and developing University messaging as things consistently change.

Mailing Services has seen an increase of roughly 84% to 125% outgoing packages monthly since March, so they have been processing more pieces while also doing their best to keep their staff safe. Robert Boren, a driver, described his time on campus since March as an extended winter break scenario—there’s still mail coming in and going out, but there aren’t a lot of people around on campus; departments are usually arranging for someone to pick up mail from Cooper.

CougPrints Plus, the printing and shipping store up in the CUB, has looked a little different this summer as well. While they would normally be bustling with Alive! students during this time, they’ve instead had to switch gears to make their store as safe as possible. Hans Abbott, program support supervisor, said they installed plexiglass as a guard between customers and the people helping them, and they’re taking extra measures to help mitigate any potential spread. As one of the handful of places open on the Pullman campus, they’re also serving as a central location for people to pick up their finished projects produced by Design and Printing Services.

Coming together to support Enrollment Management

Coming together to support Enrollment Management

With COVID-19 impacting every aspect of our daily lives, colleges and universities all over the country are turning toward the fall semester and prospective students who may be hesitant to commit to attending an institution when so much is still unknown.

Several groups in the Washington State University community got together to decide what they could do to assist Enrollment Management (EM).

It was at a dean’s meeting that Dean Chip Hunter from the Carson College of Business and Dean Mary Rezac from the Voiland College of Engineering and Architecture appointed members of their teams to help support EM.

“It’s all about amplification,” said Sarah Druffel, strategic marketing and communications director in the Carson College of Business. “Between our two colleges, our marketing and communications departments, we’ve got some different expertise…. Whatever we create, can this easily be used University-wide? It was very much WSU focused.”

…we really wanted to give students and prospective students that touch point where they physically got to get something in the mail that was addressed to them.

—Sarah Druffel

The goal of this campaign was to reach out to incoming freshmen and help them continue to feel connected to the University. In the current climate with so much uncertainty, it was important to remind these students why they chose to apply to WSU.

The campaign

“Our first piece was a larger, folded piece in which we had a personalized letter from our respective deans really inviting them to stay connected, remember why you chose WSU, what we had to offer our incoming students,” Druffel said.

Design and Printing Services was asked to assist with 2 pieces of this campaign, the initial letter to prospective students, and a follow up letter with a fun mini Butch cutout that can stand on its own.

The initial piece was designed in such a manner that would allow for any of the other colleges to work off of the existing piece and customize it easily with their own letter, information, and student testimonials sharing what it means to be a Coug.

Druffel also explained that the mini Butch cutout was meant to act as another touch point that these students would receive right before the June 1 confirmation date, the date they would need to confirm they plan to enroll at WSU.

“It was also a leave behind,” Druffel said. “There was a lot of fun you could do with it; it was that spirit piece by having Butch, and with the customizable data, we were able to remind them which college.”

The importance of print and variable data

For this campaign, Druffel also touched on the importance of creating printed pieces with variable and customizable data. With the current climate leaning extra heavily on technology, she was feeling “burnt out on the electronic pieces that I’ve been getting over the past couple of months,” Druffel said. “With having to live on my computer, having to talk through my computer, we really wanted to give students and prospective students that touch point where they physically got to get something in the mail that was addressed to them.”

The circled areas are custom data that was swapped in for each individual college.

“It wasn’t just ‘dear current resident,’” Druffel continued. “It had their names, it had their colleges…there was thought behind it, and it was customizable to them.”

Working with Design and Printing Services

Druffel and the Carson College team work with Design and Printing Services on a regular basis for design, email, and printing services.

“For the Carson College of Business, we have done a variety of campaigns,” Druffel said. “It’s been a great experience…Particularly with this one, I was interested in working with Design and Printing Services because we were working closely with Enrollment Management, and I wanted to make sure all of our design elements fit in with what they were doing.”

Druffel also said the Design and Printing Services team has provided high quality work and a lot of different options for their campaigns.

“If I had just gone to my in-house designers, which are great, they wouldn’t have known about pop up mini Butch,” Druffel said. “It’s just not something that we really look at doing or have the resources to turn it on the amount of time that we needed to. It’s probably something we could have figured out and done, but actually being able to get it done in time wouldn’t have been feasible.”

Besides having the resources to help create items like the mini Butch cutout, Druffel mentioned that the members of Design and Printing Services are fun to work with.

“I like the excitement and creativity that comes out of the team,” Druffel said.

Would you like to plan your very own spirited mailer to your college’s incoming students? Contact your project coordinator to get started.

You can also purchase your own mini Butch in the promo shop! Complete with a sign that says “Go Cougs!,” this 5” mascot comes with 2 perforated pieces that can be punched out so he can stand on his own. A fun addition to any mailer!

Your one-stop shop for branded promotional items!

Your one-stop shop for branded promotional items!

Did you know we have a branded promotional items shop? If you’ve ever been tasked with last-minute event planning, then you know how stressful it can be to find items for those events. We’ve purchased a suite of WSU-branded promotional items so you can take advantage of lower costs, lower minimum quantities, and faster turnaround times. There are many different items to choose from, but today we’re highlighting some of our favorites.

Recruitment items

New to our shop, we are in the process of adding recruitment items. Picked based on information Enrollment Management has provided us, you can purchase these trendy items to take to recruitment fairs or use for your department’s own devices. We’ll have more items hitting our shop over the summer as well, so stay tuned!


This cute tube of sunscreen is SPF 30 and contains 1 oz. of formula that provides UVA and UVB protection. In a white bottle, the label is crimson with a white cougar head and “Go Cougs!” Complete with a nifty carabiner, this sunscreen makes for a handy backpack accessory.

Lip balm

Another hot item is this branded lip balm! With an SPF of 15, it is made with natural beeswax and contains Vitamin E and aloe for a soothing lip balm. As an added bonus, it’s also paraben free! You will get an assortment of the 2 designs, both with the cougar head and “Go Cougs!”

Tech tattoos

Looking for some fun, spirited swag for tech? These tech “tattoos” are themed decals for your keyboard! This sheet contains 5 different designs, 2 for the shift keys, 3 for the smaller keys, and 1 for the space bar. The white vinyl is removeable too, so they will peel off when you need them to!

Spirit items

Are you looking to punch up the Coug spirit? We have several items that will add that extra pep! Perfect to either have as part of your display or as giveaways, these items are a lot of fun and show off that “crimson and gray.”

Glitter poms

These glitter poms are made up of gray, white, and crimson metallic streamers for a fun, festive item. And if that wasn’t Coug enough, the spirit head is imprinted on the handle, so there’s no mistaking which university you’re representing!

Butch cutouts

Bring Butch to your next online event and continue to bring him along for your future in-person ones! He has been used outside of offices, in the background of Zoom meetings, and as photo ops. Choose from 2 different designs and ask us about how you can get extra customization for the sign version!


Mugs are used for more than just coffee, making them a great, universal gift or giveaway item. They’re branded and represent the WSU system, so no matter where you are, these mugs will be the perfect fit!

Graduate items

With COVID-19 effecting everything from everyday classes to commencement, we released a set of graduate items to help make a more personalized connection to your graduates in a time of physical distancing. While the online ceremony has passed, we will continue to have these available in preparation for the August ceremony. These 3 items are print-on-demand and customizable by college or campus!

Paper pennant

These cardstock-like pennants are a quick way to celebrate your grad. Printed on both sides, these pennants have both specific college or campus affiliations on one side and a “Go Cougs!” message on the other. These come out to be 10.25″ wide x 17.75″ tall.


If you’re looking for something a little more versatile, we also have created some grad decals. These are printed on a white adhesive material and are sized at 6” wide by 4” tall. The campus/college, Coug head, and “2020 Grad” are the predominant elements of this decal!

Notecard set with personalized message

The final 2020 grad item we currently have in our suite is this card and envelope set. Upload a custom message to your grads and choose from 3 different envelope variations to best suite your needs! We can provide an envelope with the congratulations message (for letters going into a package or bigger mailing component), a blank envelope, or if you’d like help with addressing and mailing, we have an option for that as well!

You’ll be able to find these and many more in our shop! Are there other items you think would make for a great WSU-branded promotional item for the system? We keep a running list of ideas! Email me at, and I’ll make sure to pass your idea along.

Are you planning for something in the future and want some of these items to be more customized for your department? Your coordinator can help you get custom branded promotional items or anything else you might need.

Need help getting these to your audience?

With physical distancing, teleworking, and distance learning still a very real part of our lives presently and into the near future, we realize the way you may have wished to give these items has most likely changed. Ask your project coordinator about how we can help you get these promotional items to who you want to get them to.
International mail is currently impacted due to COVID-19. For countries still accepting international mail, delivery times can be expected to take longer. There is also a list of countries currently not accepting mail, and you can find a list of those countries on the USPS website.


So you want to send an HTML email?

So you want to send an HTML email?

While we believe print still holds a very real place in the realm of communication, we know digital forms also play their role. Design and Printing Services designs, tests, and sends HTML emails, and today we want to share that process with you.

Much like with your print pieces, we can take your content and transform it into a coded HTML email. We have access to various WSU distribution groups system-wide so you can get your message to your desired audience easily!

Planning your email

When it comes to planning your HTML email, there are a few things to keep in mind regarding your content. It’s best to keep it concise and drive to your main website when possible. HTML emails are usually tailored toward short attention spans, and they will be competing with the other emails in your reader’s inbox. If your content doesn’t grab your reader’s attention, they will probably click through and delete as they’re sorting through the rest of their emails.

It’s also important to not rely on your image to convey important content. There are 2 parts to this. Your reader may not or cannot download images in their email, so having the content outside of it helps make sure they’re getting your message no matter what. It also is a good web accessibility practice as, depending on your alt text, a screen reader won’t be able to read the content embedded in an image.

Smashing Magazine says there’s a pretty standard formula to create a strong HTML email, and this aligns with the way our designers typically set them up as well: a header image at the top, your main copy, a call to action, and the footer. It may sound like a simple formula, but it’s a strong one, and it’s one readers have come to expect from HTML emails.

typical layout of HTML email


While our designers will bring in the brand as appropriate, if you have an established campaign of materials, it’s important you are able to share that with us to incorporate as possible. Providing your coordinator with any images or color palettes, or if you have an idea for the layout, will help move your HTML email project through design more efficiently too. And if you’re interested in our more cost effective options, we also have email templates we can use to keep the design cost of HTML emails as low as possible.

Web accessibility

Web accessibility is an important part to consider when it comes to HTML emails. The biggest items to keep in mind are color contrast, using linked text instead of linked URLs, and avoiding text-heavy images (put that information in the body of your email text instead). You can find more information about WSU and web accessibility on the web communication website.

Starting your email project

Once you’re ready to begin your HTML email project, contact your coordinator or submit a project request! After we receive your content, a designer will take your email and bring in their expertise to create a coded digital message.

We will not send out the email without you seeing it first! The HTML file is saved under a unique URL from the beginning, so your coordinator will send you that link to review. Similar to how we will provide a PDF proof for review, you will have the chance to make changes to the HTML email.

If you’re really looking at taking your digital communications to the next level, you’ve probably curated a custom email distribution list. We can distribute to those too! By providing your list as an Excel sheet with each email address on its own line, we can send your HTML email to whoever you’d like.* You can even combine sends to the WSU community lists we have and your custom lists!

Another strategy you can utilize to step up your email is variable data. Yes, we can do it with HTML emails as well as print! There is a caveat since browsers aren’t able to pull the data file the email version uses to display variable data, but it’s a great way to personalize your digital communication.

Testing your HTML email

The most important part of the process, however, is the testing phase. Email clients all have their own settings that are applied when an email is viewed in their program, and Outlook in particular can introduce things that conflict with the code. By sending the email out to a small group ahead of time, we can look at how the email is performing and try to catch potential issues before it sends. When you receive this test, remember to view it in both your desktop and mobile devices so you can see how everything is looking as the screen size is adjusting as well!

Once the email has been given the green light, it slides into our queue! We strategically distribute HTML emails based on their audience in order to spread out how many emails that group receives in any given day.

Congratulations! You’ve just sent an HTML email!


*When sending your email list, please email it through our secure file transfer website in order to help protect the information within those lists!

Want to see samples of our emails? Click on any of the images below to go to their URL!
mobile phone with Edividend HTML email on display.
WSU winter paper doll HTML email displayed on an Iphone.
mobile phone with appeal HTML email on display.
Ready to start your HTML email? Gather the following information and then contact your project coordinator.
Not sure who your coordinator is? No problem! Fill out the project request form and your coordinator will be in touch!
From name: Who is this email coming from?
Reply email: Who should email replies go to?
Subject: The subject line of the HTML email (50 characters/spaces maximum).
Value statement: Typically a 3 to 5 word call to action that displays at the very top of the email.
Send date: The day you’d like your HTML email to go out. (standard turnaround time is 5 to 7 business days)
Send list—Who are we sending to? Choose a WSU Mailman list(s), submit a custom list as an Excel file, or do a combination of both.
Opt out email address—Who the list member will need to email in order to unsubscribe (custom lists only).
Authorized budget code

What benefits can I get from printing?

​What benefits can I get from printing?

In a technological world, it’s easy to assume print is dead. There are so many ways to communicate digitally—at often a faster rate and sometimes for less money, but we usually see our customers using a combination of both to maximize their message and potential reach.

While we’ll touch on the digital side of things later, today we’re talking about printing and the benefits you can get from it.

Stand out from the crowd

How many of you receive an email and almost immediately delete it? I know I have. My personal inbox is a disorganized mess. I will set aside time to mass delete emails I thought I would go back to and never did. There are so many emails.

When you print something that’s unique and eye-catching, you have the ability to set yourself apart from the crowd. You are directly reaching your intended person; your piece will make it directly into their hands. Even junk mail has to get acknowledged to be thrown away. If an email is drowned out in someone’s inbox, they may never see your messaging, even when it’s being “thrown out.”

Evoke emotion through sense of touch

Engaging in other senses can be an extremely powerful way to connect with your audience. While there is no doubt there are some impactful ways to appeal to sight and sound with digital communication, print can appeal to a different sense: touch.

It may be the paper you choose. The finish. The physical construction of your piece and how it entices your reader to interact with it. It will have an impact, whether your reader is aware of it or not. You can also communicate your values through the materials you use. Are you promoting something related to the environment? Maybe you should consider uncoated stock. Are you wanting to add some extra glamour to your invitation? Try using our snow willow stock! Your coordinator can help you with paper and treatment options if you want to convey something specific.

Control the look of your message

Print projects will look the same to a higher population of your audience. While it’s wonderful there’s a system in place to swap in fonts on various email clients, devices, and browsers so the content renders, your message could look different depending on what software and programs are used to access it. Screen calibrations affect the colors reflecting in your message as well. You help control these variables when you print.

Press proofs are an important part of that, and that’s something we do for almost any project that comes through Design and Printing Services. By seeing your project on the stock it will print on, you’ll have full control of the way it prints before the whole print process is complete. We color calibrate our presses as often as needed to make sure they stay on track.

The press proof of a project designed by our staff of professional designers is inspected before you see it as well. They make sure that what is printing matches the color and look they intended the piece to have so you don’t have to worry about your screen calibrations being perfect.

How Design and Printing Services can help

When you work with Design and Printing Services, we have the capacity and the expertise to take your content and create a powerful communication piece. If you need some extra consultation, a project coordinator will be able to help you get started! From the design, the specifications, and the production, you are guaranteed to be in good hands.


Did you know we have the ability to print variable data images and text? You can make your reader feel extra special by including unique information for each individual on your recipient list.

Save yourself from embarrassing errors with our copyediting services. We can review your text for common errors, resulting in improved accuracy and clarity. This includes:

  • WSU style
  • spelling
  • punctuation
  • word choice

Want to add extra polish to your piece? Ask a project coordinator about specialty colored and metallic paper to punch up the wow factor of your piece.

Preparing for WSU’s SURCA or Showcase

Preparing for WSU’s SURCA or Showcase

With March around the corner, whether you’re assisting your student or finalizing your own research, we want to help you prepare for Washington State University’s poster season: SURCA, Showcase, and the GPSA Research Exposition. Each event caters to a different group of the University community, but all are focused on sharing your research with a public audience.

What do I need?

There are primarily 2 things you’ll need to prepare for these poster sessions, the most time consuming part being the presentation poster. This will be the visual representation of your research and conclusions, and it will act as the piece that will draw the public toward you to learn more about your work.

You will also want to have talking points prepared that highlights the main parts of your poster. This will be the “elevator pitch” version of your work, although it may be a little longer. Practice these talking points so you feel comfortable speaking about your project.

How do I make a poster?

As you’re finishing up the research part of your work, you’ll want to start thinking about how you want your poster to look as well as consider any size requirements the particular event may have. For both Showcase and the GPSA Research Exposition, they ask to keep your poster size under 48” x 48”, but if you have a different sized poster from within the last calendar year, you can still use it. For SURCA, there is a size maximum of 48” x 48”.

You can find PowerPoint templates on our Making Posters webpage. They will download at the correctly sized slide and are preloaded with a branded look so you can focus on the important part—the content! The webpage also has a handy guide and a price calculator so you can get an idea of the printing cost ahead of time.

Things to include in your poster:

  • Title of your project
  • Who is involved (yourself, coauthors, mentors, etc.) and their affiliations
  • Introduction
  • Method
  • Results
  • Conclusion
  • Acknowledgments
  • References (if applicable)
  • Graphs/images/tables (keep in mind the resolution for print clarity later on)

The Office of Undergraduate Research uploaded a poster workshop that covers helpful information, especially if it’s your student’s first time presenting at this kind of event.

Remember to keep your audience in mind for the poster—this event is open to the University community, so there will be many people who will not be versed in your topic at all. The content should be concise and written so the audience can get a basic understanding of your research.

Where do I get my poster printed?

Once you’re happy with how your poster looks and anyone who needed to look at it has looked at it, it’s time to go to print! Design and Printing Services will be ready to print your presentation poster. You’ll want to save your PowerPoint as a PDF so our print software will be able to work with the file, and then you can submit it directly into our production queue using our posters website.

Our standard large format turnaround time is 24 hours from time of submission. Depending on the payment method you use, you can either pick it up once it’s finished (someone here will notify you), or have it delivered to you!

From there, you’re ready to set up for your event! For SURCA, setup is from noon to 2:00 p.m. on the day of. If you’re presenting at Showcase or the GPSA Research Exposition, you will need to set up between 11:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. on March 25.

When: March 30, 2020 | 3:30 to 5:00 p.m.
Where: M.G. Carey Senior Ballroom
Who: WSU undergraduate students

When: March 26, 2020 | 9:00 a.m. to noon
Where: M.G. Carey Senior Ballroom
Who: WSU faculty, staff, and graduate/professional students

GPSA Research Expo
When: March 26, 2020 | 9:00 a.m. to noon
Where: M.G. Carey Senior Ballroom
Who: WSU Pullman graduate/professional students

Design and Printing Services: Your design and printing partner!

Design and Printing Services: Your design and printing partner!


Hello there! If you’re reading this, you’re most likely a member of the Washington State University family—whether you’re a student, or staff or faculty member, whether you’re in Washington or you’re abroad—if you need help with design, printing, or mailing, you’ve come to the right place!

We’re a print shop located across from the Public Safety Building on Grimes Way in Pullman. In the Cooper Publications Building:

  • We have project coordinators designated to your department or unit, so you always know who you can go to for help.
  • Our professional designers are knowledgeable and carry out the WSU brand, so your messaging will always look its best and support the University.
  • Our press and production team has over 200 years’ experience, meaning they’ve seen all kinds of projects and worked all sorts of equipment, and they will be able to help your project run the most efficient way possible.

And we’re dedicated to seeing your project through from start to finish.

We’ve created postcards, newsletters, HTML emails, and marketing campaigns (to name a few). You can access branded promotional items in our store quickly, at an affordable cost, and at a low minimum quantity. Think of us as your partner! We are here to provide support for your marketing needs and do everything we can to create a final product you’re happy with.

We’re starting a new blog series to provide you with helpful tips, tricks, and other information to take your project to the next level. Watch this space as we share our knowledge about topics like variable data, large format, addressing, and more.

Have questions or is there a topic you would like to know more about? Email Jessica at