The new DPS catalog

The Design and Printing Services (DPS) storefront is officially open! While we’re currently going through a soft launch of the new system, it is available for you to browse and use. Everything is consolidated into one space, making your ordering process easier than ever before! It is truly a one-stop shopping experience.

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How to: Ordering WSU business cards

It’s been hinted at a couple of times now, but one of the new features Design and Printing Services (DPS) is excited to roll out with the upcoming storefront is the templated business card! The software you will be able to start using this summer allows you to take care of all of your printing needs in one place.

Diving into My Account

Last month’s blog post was the first in a series talking about the future of Design and Printing Services (DPS). This month, we’re going to show you a deeper look at the customer space you will have access to once the new online storefront is live.

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A sneak peek at the future of WSU printing

After searching for a new project management software package that would allow for greater transparency, an easier customer experience, and convenient ordering all in one place, Design and Printing Services (DPS) is ready to share a first look at the future of printing at WSU.

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