How to: Ordering WSU business cards

It’s been hinted at a couple of times now, but one of the new features Design and Printing Services (DPS) is excited to roll out with the upcoming storefront is the templated business card! The software you will be able to start using this summer allows you to take care of all of your printing needs in one place.

While the previous ordering system did allow for you to see a proof of your business card before placing the order, this new software shows the proof right on the screen next to the form you fill out, and you can see the edits you made with a click of a button! The business cards, and other stationery items, now live in the same website as everything else DPS provides, so you will no longer have to keep track of when to use each site.

These items will now be connected to an account as well, so you’ll be able to reprint business cards once your first order is placed or take advantage of the autofill feature. Your profile information is pulled into the business card template, meaning you can order your business card and make very little to no changes before adding to your cart!

A screen capture of the Personalize your Design Choose User fields.

If you need to order business cards for someone else, you can pull that information too! Select different people from a drop-down menu in order to populate their information, or you can also fill out the form as needed. The drop-down menu won’t be active for every user, so if you’re someone who orders business cards for multiple people and would like to have this feature, contact your project coordinator, and we’ll get you set up!

Another change you’ll see with the business cards is the way they look. The format changed in order to allow for more space to hold the information you need on your card, and the form has more fields than ever before! Include multiple phone numbers or email addresses, or add different websites or social media links.

View the new DPS storefront starting on June 14! Be sure to log into your account first to make sure you’re accessing all of the content for your department/unit.

Are you ready to see how you’ll order new business cards? Check out the tutorial below.

Find the live text video script here.